About Us

Britech is one of Canada's oldest and largest companies in the electric heating cable industry. Britech entered the electric floor warming and snow melting industry in 1996 when it became the exclusive Canadian representative for one of the first electric floor warming systems available in Canada.

In 1998 an agreement was concluded to represent NEXANS, (then known as Alcatel), across Canada on an exclusive basis. The association with Nexans has allowed Britech to expand into more markets including heavy industrial, commercial and institutional while maintaining a strong focus on residential new construction and renovation.

Originally, when the floor heating industry was in its infancy Britech sold direct to the consumer, but with the association with NEXANS in place, marketing efforts were re-directed to place an emphasis on the electrical distribution market that services electrical contractors, major building owners, manufacturers and renovators across Canada.

Our association with the electrical distributors has allowed us to expand and we now have trained and qualified sales representatives from St. John's to Vancouver Island. We also have a central warehouse and custom cable manufacturing facility in Scarborough, Ontario. Our staff includes electrical, industrial and heat transfer engineers as well as highly qualified Industrial and residential HVAC specialists.

Britech provides engineered and standard heating cables to home builders, coal and nickel mines, tank manufacturers, major oil companies, tile installers, renovators, consulting engineering firms and federal and provincial governments, etc. We do this with the assistance of our sales personnel and the electrical distributors across Canada.