BRI-THIN In-Floor Heating Units



Bri-Thin cables are an alternative to floor heating mats for tile and stone flooring. With high heating efficiency, they are a more economical option to floor heating mats and suited better for irregular shaped rooms. The cable can be easily formed and adapted to almost any geometrical layout. Bri-Thin helps to maintain the aesthetics of new interiors and their thin construction makes them apt for renovations of homes, offices, corridors or large areas. The heating cable is so thin that it will add little more than 1/8” additional depth to the finished installation.


• Twin heating conductor
• Primary Fluoropolymer insulation
• Metal sheath
• PVC outer jacket

Technical data:

• Supply voltage: available in 120V, 240V
• Heat output: 4 watts/ft
• Cold lead length: 3m (10 ft)
• Overall thickness: 3.3mm (1/8")
• Minimum bending radius: 25mm
• Tolerance on conductor resistance: -5 to +10 % (?)
• Range of operating temperature: -15C to +80C
• Maximum exposure temperature: +105C


BRI-THIN Data Sheet

BRI-THIN Installation Manual