CDP-2 Snow Sensor Control/Display Panel


• Convenient Indoor Monitoring and Control
• Self Powered, No AC Wiring or Batteries Required
• Fits Any Standard Single Gang Electrical Box
• Compatible with Leviton Decoraź/Hubbell StyleLine™ Cover Plates
• You Choose The Cover Plate Color and Material
• Smart "Manual On" Operates for One Delay Off Cycle
• Home Automation Control Interface


Dimensions 4.1"(104) x 1.8"(45) x 0.9"(23)
Weight 2.5 Oz. (71g)
Operating Temperature -40oF to +185oF (-40oC to +85oC)
Supply Power Supplied by connected sensor, 3.5mW max
Control Functions Manual On/Automatic/Standby
Monitor Functions Manual On/Automatic/Standby/Deice On


The CDP-2 brings control and monitoring of your snow melt system indoors. No need to hope that the system has successfully triggered. One glance at the CDP-2 confirms it! The CDP-2 is compatible with the DS-2B, DS-2C, DS-224, DS-5, and DS-8, DS-8C, DS-824 rain/snow sensor controllers.

The unit consists of an electronic printed circuit board mounted securely to a steel mounting plate. The overall dimensions of the CDP-2 are 4.1"(104) x 1.8"(45) x 0.9"(23). The unit weighs 2.5 ounces. The CDP-2 fits into a standard single gang or multi gang electrical enclosure. Compatible self-threading mounting screws that fit both metal and plastic enclosures are included. The plate also has mounting holes for a rectangular "modular" cover plate, similar to the Leviton Decoraź or Hubbell StyleLine™ series. This allows the user to select a cover plate color and material that blends with the decor of the room.

Wiring is performed by installing a CS-1 remote control/monitor cable into the companion snow sensor. If not ordered with the sensor this cable may be ordered with the CDP-2. A shielded 5 conductor cable is then installed between the snow sensor and the CDP-2. All signals between the units are very low voltage so no conduit or similar protection of the interconnect cable is required. The individual leads of the interconnect cable are then installed into the rear terminal block of the CDP-2 and the unit is ready for operation. The CDP-2 does not require batteries or an AC power connection. It is actually powered by parasitic voltage "stolen" from the snow sensor. Peak power consumption is only 3.5 milliwatts. Operational temperature range for the electronic components is -40oC to +85oC. Therefore, the CDP-2 can be installed indoors or outside with proper protection from the elements.

The CDP-2 allows control of the snow sensor and also reports the sensor's own override switch position. The "Manual On" function activates the snow sensor and controlled equipment to operate for one "delay off" cycle. The delay off cycle is determined by the DEL switch setting and the DEL adjustment on the snow sensor, 2 minutes in "sensor" mode, 30-90 minutes in "controller" mode. This can be handy for testing and special operational conditions, like clearing hail buildup, without the danger of leaving the system in a continuous "Manual On" condition. The "Automatic" position allows the sensor to handle all detections and control. The unit will also always revert to "Automatic" mode once a "Manual On" cycle has been completed. A sensor will report activation by illuminating the "Deice On" indicator. The "Standby" position disables triggering even in snow conditions and can also be used to clear the delay off timer from true or test activation.

An interface is also supplied for connecting a home automation system to activate the unit for one delay off cycle. One normally open contact set can be used to trigger the cycle and a second contact set can be used to provide a positive "enable" closure for the CDP-2, reducing the chance of a false trigger. This "remote/remote" capability can be used to activate a snow melt system that has been in a long term "Standby" mode prior to arrival at a vacation home during winter or when a weather forecast indicates the season is changing, snowfall is coming, and the system cannot be manually placed into "Automatic" mode. Alternatively, the user may connect a pushbutton switch, a computer-controlled relay, or any other device that can supply a closure to create a "remote/remote" activation capability. This can extend control to another room, another town, or another country!


CDP-2 Datasheet

CDP-2 Installation Manual