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Can I heat my entire homes with under-floor heating?

Electric heating is a viable solution for many home heating applications. The low installed cost of electric versus hydronic, (hot water), systems makes this heating less expensive to install. When compared to baseboard heating, it is also up to 40% less expensive to operate. Britech heating cables can also be used for Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems to store heat and reduce electrical demand consumption, thus dropping the cost of heating by up to 60%.
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How much does it cost to operate under-floor warming in a bathroom?

An 80 square foot bathroom, may require only 50 square feet of floor warming. When used to warm the floors for comfort it should only cost between $1.25 to $ 1.50, per square foot of warmed area per year. This was estimated using a $0.07 per kilowatt energy charge and a timer to operate the floor approximately 82 hours per week, over a year.
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I heard that there is a lot of maintenance involved with under-floor heating systems. How much is that going to cost me?

Be prepared to spend no time or money to maintain your electrical floor warming system. Unlike water systems (hydronic), there are no pumps, solenoid valves, sophisticated controls, tubes, heat exchangers or boilers to monitor. Nothing to leak, on furniture or antiques, lubricate, or worry about. No expensive technicians to hire.
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Do I have to hire professionals to install an under-floor system in my house?

The Britech electric floor warming is system is easy to install by any handyman. If you can lay tile or any type of flooring, and follow our easy directions, you can do it. Electrical installations should always be performed by a qualified electrician. Full wiring diagrams, installation instructions and warranty information are included with every order, as well as a Canada-wide toll free line for technical support and assistance.
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What is the difference between cable and mats? How do I decide which one to use?

Mats are primarily used in new construction – high rise projects. Mats are simply a very thin cable attached to a mesh or cloth. They are prohibitively expensive, delicate and usually require a difficult layout consisting of multiple squares or rectangles. Custom mats are available, but ultra expensive. They are not normally built to withstand a heating type duty cycle. And only used for floor warming.

Cable is a less expensive, more cost effective and versatile way to go. Britech cables are built to be “Construction Site Tough” to withstand the rigors of a construction site or renovation project. They should be considered when you are warming any area in new construction or renovation. Cable will add at least 1/8" to your finished floor height.
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Isn't it dangerous to have an electric floor in the bathroom?

All electrical items in a bathroom or kitchen must be installed on a GFCI, (ground fault circuit interrupter) to meet Canada's electrical code. Britech floor warming systems are CSA approved to be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens and basements. They can even be installed outside for roof and gutter de-icing.
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How much does it cost to install this system in my kitchen?

Send us a layout with full dimensions of all permanent items in your room. We will fax or e-mail a quotation by the next working day.
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My solarium is cold because it is an add-on to the house. How can I fix it?

Cables can be installed under almost any type of flooring. This will add warmth to the floor as well as provide radiant heat to the entire room. Britech provides room, building or whole home heating systems to solve any heating problem, call us toll free to discuss a cost effective solution to your problem.
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I don't like to waste energy, do I have to have the floor system on all of the time?

Britech thermostats include an integral temperature setback timer for all floor warming or heating applications. No need to warm a floor for comfort when you're not home. Home heating applications can use the setback timer to lower temperature up to 8oC. setback timers are required for all Electric Thermal Storage systems.
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I'm not very handy, do you do installations?

Britech is not a contractor. Any reasonably competent contractor or renovator can properly and safely install our products. We include comprehensive instructions and phone support, if needed, on our toll free phone lines.
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Is this flooring safe if you have children?

Britech flooring systems are certified safe to install by CSA or Underwriters Canada Limited. They have passed rigorous tests to ensure they are safe and will perform for years to come. Every Britech product is shipped with 100% quality. control.
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How can I be sure I am ordering enough cable for my room or home?

We would be pleased to provide an estimate, in writing, to ensure you have purchased an adequate amount of cable to cover the area(s) you want warmed or heated.
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How do I know what the best way to lay the cable?

Our comprehensive instructions are easy to follow and personal assistance is available on our toll free help line. Simply fax (toll free), or e-mail your floor plan to us.
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Will the cable fit into small spaces?

Standard cable sizes range from 7 sq. ft. to 310 sq. ft. (.7 sq. m. to 30 sq. m. The cable is easy to arrange and install and fits virtually any space or configuration.
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What happens if the system fails five-years from now?

Britech products come with a full non-prorated 10 year warranty. Should there be a problem it can be located and repaired in the floor, quickly and easily.
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I just want to heat 10 sq. ft. in front of a sink, can I just install heating cabls there?

We offer cables of different sizes to warm any space, however, warming only a small space in your room may be false economy. Should you have a gathering of friends in your home, they will all want to stand in the warm area, and should you wish to sell your home one day, the prospective purchaser may be uncomfortable with having such a tiny area warmed, in a large room. The cost of purchasing a cable to do the entire space, is really not prohibitive, when you consider the comfort gained by warming the entire walking area.
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Do I need a thermostat?

Yes. Installing a thermostat is an essential part of the system and is mandated in the Canadian Electrical Code. This ensures that your floor or room maintains your personal comfort setting.

Floor Warming- floor sensing thermostats are used to maintain a comfortable floor temperature. Room Heating- floor/air sensing thermostats are used when the floor warming cable is to be the primary source of heat.

All thermostats include a timer for energy conservation and an integral Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) to meet the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code.

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