Frost Protection of Freezer Room (Floors)

Selection of Load

For well insulated freezer room floors the load requirement is 3 - 5 W/Sq. Ft. Cables are spaced at 12” to 18” apart and installed in the subsurface, either in sand or directly below the insulation and tied onto mesh..

Thermostat Control

The heating cable should be controlled by use of a thermostat with a remote sensor located at the same depth as the heating cable and between two cable runs.


Use a linear load of 3 to 4 W/ft. cable. The centre spacing will then be in the range of 15”.

Always measure the insulation and heating cable resistance before installing the insulation and the poured concrete floor.

Refrigerator terminal under operation


Heating system for frost prevention 2500 sq. meter freezer. Storage capacity of 4000 tons of frozen products. TXLP/1 is used. Installed June 1999.