208~600 Volt GFI

• 75/100/200 Amp
• Single or three phase
• NEMA 4X enclosure
• Relays for remote status
• Range from 10~100 mA trip
• In stock for quick shipment
• Consult factory for pricing & options

The Britech Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) is rated at 75 or 100 amps and can be used on single or three phase loads as required.

The GFI consists of a three phase contactor, a current transformer, a controller and an interlock to the snow melt control system.

The contactor is controlled by the controller and the current transformer (CT).


Upon a call for snow melting from the DS-2C snow sensor and the BRI-A19-4X20 slab sensing thermostat the contactor will engage and power the heating cables.

The current transformer (CT) constantly monitors for ground faults and will trip if a ground fault over 30 mA is detected. If the controller is connected to a building automation system (BAS) an alarm will be sent to the BAS.

Should there be a GFI trip, check all wiring before resetting.


To wire for a single phase load, run the supply cables through the hole in the CT to the contactor and then out to the load.

To wire for three phase loads run the load wires through the hole in the CT, to the contactor and then from the contactor to a junction box. The neutral must be wired through the CT for 347V applications. It may also be advisable to run the neutral through the GFI panel in one run to a junction box where connections can be made to the load. It is not advisable to have a splice on the neutral in the panel enclosure.

A two pole terminal strip in the upper right hand corner of the panel is provided to interface the DS-2B snow sensor and BRI-A19-4X20 slab sensing thermostat to the panel. The yellow leads from the snow sensor are connected in series through the BRI-A19-4X20 thermostat to control the contactor. This must be connected for the panel to operate. If the panel is used for service other than snow sensing and a control sequence is not required install a 16 gauge jumper across the terminals. This is a live 120 volt connection and meant to be used as a dry contact. Do not connect voltage to this terminal strip.

The panel is shipped pre-tested and set for a 30 mA trip at 0 seconds. It will be necessary to reset the GFI by pressing the test reset button before current will flow to the contactor. Should the GFI trip, inspect and test all wiring for ground faults or incorrect connections / faults and reset. The GFI will not reset automatically.

In buildings where a building automation system (BAS) is in use, you can interface the GFI alarm to the BAS. The alarm contacts at terminals 21 and 24 are normally closed and will open on a GFI trip. They will be normally closed whenever the GFI is powered.


BRI-GFI Info Sheet