Industrial Applications

Tank HeatingFixed temperature monitoring system for tanks with treacle in the Chocolate factory “Choc and Rols”. Installed February 2000.

Britech Heating Cables used in tank heating applications:

  • Temperature maintenance
  • Process heating
  • Viscosity control
Design depends on following factors:
  • Volume
  • Specific gravity
  • Surface area to be heated
  • Heat transfer requiredTank with treacle

ie, 1000 pounds of glycerine added to tank per hour, temperature rise 20 degrees F, therefore 1000 x 1.08 x 20 deg. X 1 hour = 21,600 BTU = 6880 watts per hour @ 600 volt = 11.5 amps. Add safety factor according to ambient air and insulation values.

All tanks should be insulated, install GFCI’s and immersion style temp controller.

Specialized Heat Tracing

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Crane Rails Heat Tracing
Ennis Steel, Port Robinson, Ontario Ennis Steel, Port Robinson, Ontario

Heavy Duty Truck Frost Prevention
Raglan Industries installs Nexans cables for frost prevention on slurry trucks in Northern Ontario.

Truck Scale Snow & Ice Control
TXLP cable installed at the Bethlehem steel truck scale to melt ice that builds up and makes the scale inoperable. Automatic controls were installed with a manual over ride.