General Information About Nexans Heating Cables

Nexans Heating Cables have been produced and used for a variety of heating purposes for over 80 years.

There are many reasons why you should choose Nexans Heating Cables rather than any other cable types available on the market. Here are some of the reasons.

Easy to Install, Safe to Use:

Many years of experience in designing electrical heating systems and installing heating cables, along with continuous research in developing higher performance products have resulted in the production of the Nexans Heating Cable units, with the unique, world patented HIDDEN SPLICE.

The factory-made hidden splice is a feature that considerably eases installation of the cable and makes it safer to use. The Splice is 100% waterproof and the performance of each heating unit is submitted to several tests and is quality controlled before the products leave the factory. When using the cable, total affect to floor height is less than 1/8” (3.175 mm).

Standard element sizes simplify the design and installation.

Custom and Standard Cables:

Nexans Heating Cables may also be custom made, allowing a high degree of flexibility. The installer may order the length of cable required for the project they are working on. The cables are easy to install, and our customers all over the world have given us positive feedback about their properties and performances.

We also produce special devices for laying the cable and accessories for a great number of applications.

Wide Range of Cable Types for a Wide Range of Applications:

The range of products we are offering on the market cover a wide range of applications, from comfort heating of buildings to industrial applications, from installations in new buildings to renovations of existing ones. The use of Nexans heating systems increases the comfort and reduces unnecessary costs.

We not only offer products, but we also offer solutions. We have the experience and the will to help you -- just call on us - we are always there with an answer.

High Quality Standards, Reliable Guarantees, Knowledgeable People.

All of our Nexans products, production sites and services are certified by ISO 9002.