TXLP/1 Single Conductor General Purpose Heating Cable


This heating cable is deal for floor warming and radiant heating in concrete and wood floor constructions. They are also used in snow melting installations, frost protection of roof, gutters, drains, pipe tracing and soil heating applications, where each radiant heating system is custom designed. > Click here for a quote


• Stranded resistance wire
• XLPE insulation
• Earthing conductor
• Metallic sheath (aluminum)
• PVC outer jacket
• Overall diameter approx. 6.5 mm (”)

Technical data:

• Maximum continuously operating temperature outer jacket: 65 C (149 F)
• Series resistance
• Minimum bending radius: 5 x cable diameter • Tolerance on conductor resistance: - 5 to + 10 %
• Highest system voltage: 600 V


TXLP/1 Single Conductor General Purpose Heating Cable Data Sheet

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