Radiant Snow Melting System

When freezing rain or falling/blowing snow starts, the snow-ice detector turns the system on automatically. A thermostat senses the temperature of the surface and turns the heating cables on and off to only provide enough heat to melt the ice or snow, thus saving energy. The systems stays on, monitoring the storm, shuts off when the storm stops and waits for the next period of precipitation, when it's needed. A temperature sensor in the controller will only allow the system to operate when climactic conditions are suitable for melting. It does not operate unnecessarily.

A typical Britech radiant snow melting system consists of 4 components:

1. Heating Cable / Mats: TXLP/1 single conductor general purpose cable, SNOW-CABLE, SNOW-MAT

2. Thermostat: BRI-A19-4X20 weatherproof thermostat

3. Snow/rain sensor: DS-2B or DS-5 snow/rain sensor controller
 * Sensor remote control/display panel: CDP-2 sensor control/display panel

4. Misc: Mounting accessories , GFI panel