Snow Melt & Ice Control

Esso gas station front walk
Waiting area for passengers on the Nesodden ferry-boat  terminal at the Aker Brygge area in Oslo.
Aurora Recreation Centre, Designed by Giffels Eng.
Condo ramp in Richmond Hill, Ontario


Cables can be installed in poured concrete, asphalt, interlocking pavers or retrofit projects on existing asphalt and concrete surfaces. All Britech snow melting systems are designed and tailored to customer's needs.


Automatic snow melting systems provide safety, reduced winter maintenance and a cleaner residential, retail or commercial space. Heated stairs and walkways can greatly reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents around your home, offices and factories. The snow sensor controller continually monitors weather conditions resulting in a clean, dry the surface dry after the conclusion of the storm.

Time Saving

Snow melting systems reduce use of salt and snow melting chemicals, eliminate snow removal on walks, ramps and stairs. Snow melt systems greatly reduce the cost of labor for snow and ice control around offices, schools, factories and residences. No more shoveling, salt spreading or snow blowing and plowing. Walks and ramps are safer in case of emergencies.

Ultimate Amenity

Imagine coming home after a long day or leaving your home in the morning and having a clean, dry driveway, stairs, porch and walkway. No need for strenuous shoveling and the time it takes to make your home look safe, clean and inviting. Britech snow melting systems are there, making life easier and more comfortable for family and friends. In commercial applications your clients and employees will appreciate your clean walks and ramps, no more trudging through salt and slush or risking injury on icy surfaces.


Snow melting is a great alternative to introducing salts and chemicals into the environment when trying to melt snow and ice. Most de-icing compounds used harmful to concrete surfaces and landscape plants. The symptoms of salt injury to deciduous trees and shrubs include stunted growth, marginal leaf scorch, early fall coloration, and twig dieback. Accumulation of salt in the soil over time will result in the progressive decline and eventual death of your precious plants and trees.