TECH-MAT In-Floor Heating Units


TECH-MATS will warm tile, marble, ceramic, slate, vinyl, carpet, hardwood or laminate floors in your kitchen, bathrooms, foyers … anywhere in your entire home where warm floors would make a welcome addition. Because of their thin construction and ease of installation, BRITECH TECH-MATS are the perfect solution to new construction and home renovations. TECH-MATS will provide you with years of worry free warmth and pleasure..


• Twin heating conductor
• Primary Fluoropolymer insulation
• Metal sheath
• PVC outer jacket
• Adhesive fibreglass backing

Technical data:

• Supply voltage: available in 120V, 208V, 240V
• Heat density: 12 watts/sq ft
• Cold lead length: 3m (10 ft)
• Overall thickness: 3.2mm (1/8")
• Minimum bending radius: 25mm
• Tolerance on conductor resistance: -5 to +10 % (?)
• Range of operating temperature: -15C to +80C
• Maximum exposure temperature: +105C


TECH-MAT Data Sheet

TECH-MAT Installation Manual